A Little Bit About Me

Who I Am: I’m an Interactive Designer with a passion for all things digital. I love working with clients to help them bring their brand to digital platforms. I have over 3+ years experience working with clients in the media and entertainment industry. I’ve been a part of creating a wide variety of apps for devices ranging from mobile devices to TV.

What I Do: I work with clients to create a great app experience before I even open up Photoshop. A great website or app starts with a well thought out set of wireframes. After the wireframes are complete, I design the app or website in Photoshop. When that is complete, I work closely with the development team to provide assets, specs and user experience feedback.

After Hours: In my spare time, you can find me painting, drawing, reading, or cooking. I also love to volunteer and spend time refining my web development skills. When I’m feeling really lazy, you can find me at home, on the couch, either playing Xbox One, The Sims, Civilization, or watching Netflix with my cat.

Click here to download my resume.